Why Join the Tennessee Pest Control Association?

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Group influence, and the power to change an environment is stronger than at the individual level. TPCA is the hub where individuals are able to organize their resources, plan their strategy, and assign action items.


At TPCA you will meet with like-minded professionals interested in the same issues as you; take in content that enlightens and sometimes entertains; discover connections within your community. Sure, members can connect online, but digital connections aren’t always as strong as those made in person. Ever notice how meeting face-to-face with a remote-working colleague makes future projects with them run more smoothly? In-person networking is the grease that makes collaboration run better, and associations are a low-pressure forum to grease up.

Access to Resources

No one finishes school, an apprenticeship, or other formal education completely prepared to handle every project that will come their way over the course of a career. But going back to school to learn new skills can be expensive. TPCA fills that gap between doing nothing and paying thousands for more higher education. Because we are a hub for national brainpower of speakers and trainers, we have the ability to produce a variety of educational settings and tools that fit the educational needs of many.


Because of our mission and vision, we elevate the standards of the pest control industry and those who work in it bringing an aura of trust, integrity, and reliability to our members.

Membership in TPCA commands respect, and professional labels often translate to a better chance of business success.

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To find out more about the benefits of being a member of the Tennessee Pest Control Association, contact us at tpca@primewebmail.com.

To join or renew, you can pay online with a credit card or download the application using the links below.