TPCA 2020-2021 Board of Directors

Andy Yant
C and C Home Services
Goodlettsville, TN
Past President
Jeff Pursley
Orkin Pest Control
Chattanooga, TN
President Designate
Wayne Holden
Wayne Holden Pest Solutions
Chattanooga, TN
Blake Southerland
Northwest Exterminating
Nashville, TN
Bobby Yant
Grubbs Termite and Pest Control
Pleasantview, TN
TPCA Committees

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FINANCE AND BUDGET: Oversees the finances of the Association and informs the Board of Directors of any financial needs, changes or discrepancies in the finances.

LEGISLATIVE: Informs the Board and the Membership of upcoming changes in legislation that would affect the industry. If needs warrant, organizes the membership in defense of or opposition to, relevant legislation. The Chairman of this committee will also be the SPAR representative for the NPMA/TPCA each year and keep members informed of information coming through NPMA to the Spar representative.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Proposes and helps with schools, seminars, conferences and meetings to inform and train Pest Management Professionals.

GRIEVANCE: Investigates complaints brought about by members of this Association against other members and informs the Board of Directors as to their merit so that action may be taken. All efforts to resolve complaints amicably should be expended before any formal action is taken, including but not limited to, personal contact by the Grievance Committee.

MEMBERSHIP: Consists of at least three members which shall be the Immediate Past President, President and President Designate. Solicits new members for the Association as well as retaining current membership.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: This committee will have a chairperson and other chosen members to oversee nominations for Lifetime Achievement Awards for their accomplishments in their lives and in the industry. Awards will be voted on by the Board and presented at meetings of the general membership.

PROFESSIONAL WOMEN IN PEST MANAGEMENT (PWIPM) COMMITTEE: This committee is compromised of 4-5 members. The team is passionate about gathering women throughout the state of Tennessee together for learning, networking and service. Annually this team facilitates the PWIPM TN Annual Women’s Leadership Empowerment Grant.


In 1933 Louis Kotler (Orkin Exterminating Company) started to organize an association called Memphis Pest Control Association. Gradually, over the next several years, he established a small group which hosted a national convention in Memphis in 1937. The first elected officers were Joe Hill (President), Arthur Murray (Vice-President), and Louis Kotler (Secretary-Treasurer). In 1949, the state association was organized at a meeting in Nashville on June 12-13, 1949. The first officers were William Hill (President), W.H. Green Jr., (Vice President), and Louis Kotler (Secretary-Treasurer). Early meetings were held at convention hotels. In 1971, a Pest Control Technicians school was created by the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service. Over the years, TPCA has grown to a state organization with 6 supporting regions. The underlining purpose of our state association remains the same… together we protection Tennessee’s health, food and property. We promote the pest control industry by fostering close relationships, education, proactive legislation, and leadership development.

Past Presidents

2019 – 2020 Roy Trey Locke, Orkin Pest Control

2018 – 2019 Jeff Strauser, Proven Pest Management Olive Branch, MS

2017 – 2018 Andy Yant, P.E.S.T. Inc. Goodlettevile, Tennessee

2016 – 2017 Wayne Holden Best Exterminating

2015 – 2016 Scott Ward Scott Ward’s Pest Control

2014 – 2015 Kevin Ruehling Colonial Exterminating Company

2013 – 2014 David Markowski Homestead Pest Control

2012 – 2013 Kenneth Richards Jr. East TN Pest Control

2011 – 2012 Andy Yant P.E.S.T. Inc.

2010 – 2011 Jody Millard Jody Millard Pest Control

2009 – 2010 Tom Swett AmeriCare Services

2008 – 2009 Mark Nadolski Russell’s Pest Control

2007 – 2008 Diane Markowski Homestead Pest Control

March 2006 – July 2007 Kenneth Richards Jr. East Tennessee Pest Control

February 2006 Thomas Cothern, Action Pest Control

2005 – 2006 Perry Carrier, Leo’s Pest Control

2004 – 2005 Roy E. White, Walker White Termite and Pest Control

July 2002 – February 2004 David Markowski, Homestead Pest Control

February 2001 – July 2002 Eddie Howard, Environmental Termite and Pest Control

2000 – 2001 Robert M. LaFever, Belle Meade Exterminating

1999 – 2000 Dale Hatfield, All Seasons Termite and Pest Control

1998 – 1999 Butch Spray, Spray’s Termite and Pest Control

1997 – 1998 John Shelly, Metrol Pest Control

1996 – 1997 Matt Markowski, Homestead Pest Control

1995 – 1996 Ray Johnson, Johnson Pest Control

1994 – 1995 Tommy Swint, Mack Pest Control

1993 – 1994 Bob Taylor, Taylor Enterprises

1991 – 1993 Joe Culvahouse, Pioneer Exterminating